Q: What does “policy-based event” mean?

A: We like to think of it as “journalism in real time,” or a conference that:
• Is PowerPoint-free (at least mostly).
• Facilitates engagement and interactivity.
• Focuses on important, perplexing, difficult issues.
• Isn’t controlled by sponsors or organizers, but is created through collaboration of solution-seeking stakeholders.
• Creates opportunities and means to continue to conversations toward actual solutions after the meetings are over.

Q: How did APG-SE come about?

A: Newspaper people in both Idaho and Wyoming had been working separately on this kind of event for years without knowing about each other. When their newspapers were purchased by APG, they began to collaborate, eventually resulting in the creation of APG Signature Events in 2017.

Q: What kinds of topics are most appropriate for a policy-based conference?

A: There are many, but examples would be healthcare, energy, women’s issues, agriculture and ag-tech, environment and lands, business issues such as job growth, education, etc. The main ingredients are: Enough sponsors willing to contribute both financially and with ideas and experts, enough stakeholders willing to attend a solutions-oriented conference, and agreement by the parties to allow us to make the final decisions to avoid the appearance that any special interests, company or organizations are calling the shots.

Q: What do I do if I have an idea for a conference or want more information about an existing one?

A: Contact us directly. Just go to our “About” tab for individual contact information, or send us an email using the form below.


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